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Do your own bookings using CONCUR, our online booking tool or our exclusive Do it Yourself Direct

Concur Elite Online Booking tool

In addition to our full-service team, we would also be delighted to introduce our Concur online booking platform. LeGrow's Travel uses the Concur Online Booking tool exclusively. LeGrow's Travel is the only Canadian owned company that is a Concur “Elite” Travel Management Company, fully committed to continuous development of the team who supports the tool and the tool itself. We have dedicated experts to support administration of the tool with an eye to helping you increase online adoption.

• Provides travellers control over their travel profile to update their personal preferences
and have the option book travel “anytime, anywhere” 
• Allow members to continue with significant cost savings using preferred vendors
and policy enforcement at the point of sale
• Reduce reliance on travel counsellor assisted reservations, while reducing the travel booking fees
• Provide specific traveller, HR personnel to manage the Concur Profiles by updating,
add new users, delete profiles, update manager email address for automatic approval process
and change rule class-reporting elements

/_uploads/images/business_travel/BTM-MAY19-3.pngTAILORED TO YOU

LeGrow's Travel can tailor your Concur platform to include your travel policy, preferred travel supplier agreements and automatic pre-approvals and can be integrated into the Concur Expense tool for travel expense submissions by travellers.



/_uploads/images/business_travel/BTM-MAY19-4.jpgUSER FRIENDLY

While the Concur, tool is very intuitive and user friendly we offer training both onsite and via WebEx. Together with your Account Manager we will determine the target adoption and market the tool within your members in a variety of ways such as 1:1 traveler training, agent direct endorsement and if desired social media promotion.



/_uploads/images/business_travel/BTM-MAY19-5.jpgCOMPLEAT QUALITY ASSURANCE

Concur bookings will integrate seamlessly into LeGrow's Travel’s systems including traveler and corporate profiles, Compleat quality assurance including management reporting and our Canadian owned and operated 24/7 After Hours Service. Additionally, any LeGrow's agent anywhere in Canada can access a Concur reservation and make changes requested by the traveler/arranger.


LeGrow's Travel also offers our
Do It Yourself Direct program

• Book directly through our Air Canada or WestJet direct access
• Easy to book
• 24/7 access to our assistance line– staffed by our own senior counsellors
• Track your spend through our account statements by company, department & traveller
• Receive your customized invoice & itinerary
• Access to our 24-hour auto-check-in alerts
• Our online support team is there to provide assistance
• LeGrow's Travel Mobility – access itinerary and plans at anytime, anywhere


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