Types of Services

  • Site Selection
  • Advanced & On-Site Registration
  • Speaker Selection
  • Housing
  • Program Development
  • On-Site Management
  • Technical Services
  • Entertainment, Social & Spousal Programs
  • Trade Shows/Exhibits
  • Transportation

Meetings & Conventions

LeGrow's Travel Meetings & Conventions is pleased to be able to provide your company with a full-service conference management package, or if you so choose, we can break it out and work with you on specific ares of need with advice, analysis, and/or conference staff. Having implemented programs and designed, staffed and delivered both large and small events, we are confident that we can meet all of your unique needs.

Furthermore, LeGrow's Travel Meetings & Conventions has both the planning capability and experience to deliver your progrm to you, on time and on budget. This experience includes a full range of requirements such as event planning, food services, entertainment, security, accounting, cost control and facility management.

For every conference or meeting, someone must be responsible for the meticulous task of planning and staging. LeGrow's Travel Meetings & Conventions will bring together all the factors involved in the production of a successful conference.

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